Working With Pages

Working With Pages
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Pages and Templates

You can create any number of pages with content. Theme includes several page templates to choose from, and you will need to choose the page template that suits your needs. For example, if you want a “Full Width” page, then you need to select “Default” template for that page.

How To Create A New Page

  • Step 1 – Navigate to Pages and click Add New.
  • Step 2 – Type name for your page, then find the Page Attributes box on right side.
  • Step 3 – Set your Parent page; it’s usually set to No Parent
  • Step 4 – Set your template from the dropdown list. See list of page templates below.
  • Step 5 – Content for your page goes in the editing field, use the Visual Composer, Visual or Text editor. Page content is mainly built using Shortcodes, see the Shortcodes section for how to use them.

Page Templates

  • Default Template – Standard page template, use it to create “Full Width” pages
  • Blank Template – Use it to create page without Header and Footer
  • Blog Template – Want to create Blog? Use this page template
  • Portfolio Template – Use this page template to create your Portfolio
  • Portfolio Category – If you want to separate your Portfolio by categories use this page template
  • With Left SideBar – Page with Left Sidebar
  • With Right SideBar – Page with Right Sidebar


How to set up “Home Page”

  • Step 1 – Navigate to Settings and click Reading.
  • Step 2 – Under “Front page displays” choose a static page and choose your “Front Page”.
  • Step 3 – Save Options.

For Beginners

If you will import demo content you will get all pages from this demo site, so it will be much easier to find out how all this works.


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