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Sidebars & Widgets
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Sidebars & Widgets

All widgets are accessed in Appearance > Widgets

Drag and drop the widgets you want over into the right hand side where your sidebars are listed. Simply drag your widgets over to the sidebar and then populate the content. There are various fields and settings you can choose for each individual widget and all are self explanatory. You can put as many widgets as you want inside of a sidebar. Once you have finished populating the widgets, always make sure to hit the Save button to save the settings.

Ulimited Sidebars

Splendor allows users to make an unlimited amount of custom sidebars. And you can apply those sidebars to any page by selecting its name from the Sidebar page option dropdown list. Be sure that you have the page template set to “Left SideBar” or “Right SideBar”, or another sidebar template which allows a sidebar to show.

How to Generate SideBars?

  • Step 1 – Navigate Appearance > Theme Option panle.
  • Step 2 – “Choose Sidebar” tab.
  • Step 3 – Set amount of sidebars under “Sidebar generator”.
  • Step 4 – Save Options.


Predefined Sidebars

Splendor theme have 4 redefined sidebars, they can be used only for special places. See below:

  • Blog Sideabr – Special for Blog Page template.
  • Portfolio Sideabr – Special for Portfolio Page template.
  • Shop Sideabr – Special for Woocommerce.


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