Importing Demo Content

Importing Demo Content
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How To Import All Demo Content

The fastest and easiest way to import our demo content is to use “WordPress” importer. Importer will give you all pages and posts,images and more. This is recommended to do on fresh installs because it will replace your current theme options and widgets and other settings. So the best time to use the importer, is when you first install Splendor Theme.

To import our demo content, please see the steps below

  • Step 1 – Log in to that site as an administrator.
  • Step 2 – Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.
  • Step 3 – Install the “WordPress” importer from the list.
  • Step 4 – Activate & Run Importer.
  • Step 5 – Upload this file using the form provided on that page.
  • Step 6 – You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user.
  • Step 7 – WordPress will then import each of the posts, pages, comments, categories, etc. contained in this file into your site.
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